Dear Friends and Fellow Democrats:

When I started this letter to you 10 days ago, I wrote about the odious police union president in Minneapolis, Bob Kroll, and his connections with Trump.  Quotes of him at a Trump rally last October and in an interview last April were so incendiary after his members murdered George Floyd, that I had to stop writing. His words made me feel like the entire political enterprise was irrelevant. 

And what has been happening in the streets of America since George Floyd’s murder shows that sentiment is widely — and understandably — shared.  It is emotionally true, and it is essential to creating change. 

But the political enterprise IS NOT irrelevant – indeed it is the path that we must take to build lasting change.  Our outrage must be the fuel to drive us to the voting booth in overwhelming numbers, and then beyond through dense and thorny thickets of legislative brambles, to build statutory structures that, though inevitably imperfect, can nevertheless suffice to save us from the worst consequences of our centuries of national moral corruption, now erupting in crises of social justice, public health, the economy, climate change, international relations, and more.

In this connection, I encourage you to read the resolutionon police brutality recently adopted by the Democratic State Committee.

So, for us as the County Committee and its supporters, it is back to the nuts and bolts of defeating this disaster of a President and his debauched band of double-talking enablers and defaulters-in the-face-of-duty!

At the moment, there are two things we can all do now in the nuts-and-bolts department which will help us get out the vote next fall. One is to participate in the COMMIT to VOTEcampaign.  By clicking on the link and giving the Party your up-to-date contact info and your candidate preferences, you build our ability identify our voters and give the GOTV effort a big leg up in the critical final phase of the campaign, leaving more time to concentrate on contacting folks who haven’t voted yet. 

The other is to ask five other friends and acquaintances to participate as well, either by forwarding this letter to them, or by using the sharing options at the end of the sign-up process.

You can also sign up to volunteer and donate, but the key is committing to vote Democratic, giving your contact info, and passing it along to five others with the request that they do the same.  You can do it now, and it will help when it really counts!

Please note that we have a County Committee Meeting coming up this Thursday at 4:30 PM via Zoom.  We’ll have a chance to chat with US Senate primary candidates Betsy Sweet and Bre Kidman.  (House Speaker Sara Gideon unfortunately cannot make it.)

Finally, don’t forget to request an Absentee Ballot for the July 14 Primary.  You will help limit the risk to  the short-handed poll workers from Covid-19 – and to yourself!

Thank you for joining the effort to avert the worst of the calamitous consequences of historic moral failure, current incompetence in governance, and sophisticated social subversion!

Will Neilson, Chair
Sagadahoc County Democratic Committee